Thursday, 17 October 2013

1st & 12th Tee Improvement Project

Plans to improve the immediate area around and in between the 1st & 12th tees has begun. Their are a variety of reason as to why this is being undertaken and some are listed briefly below.

To improve the immediate first impressions members & Visitors have when walking onto the Course.
To improve grass coverage on the side of the 12th tee.
To reduce on-going maintenance required to clear debris from the path & tees.
To reduce water usage on the 12th tee and to limit the annual attempts to turf and seed the 12th tee.
To reduce the future risk of damage and lifting of the pathway from trees roots (similar to those experienced in the Car Park). 

Although the project is in its infancy, the initial stage to remove the trees has been completed. 

Staff remove the higher limbs before felling the main stem
The trees were felled by LPGC staff and the Stumps ground out using outside contractors.

wood chippings removed

The next stage is to develop a hard standing area surrounded by seating and planting arrangements. This area will also become the recognised area for placing the drinks tent for certain Club & Visitor events.

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