Tuesday, 17 February 2015

New Practice Nets Installation and Construction

The immediate impact of course presentation upon arrival to Langley Park was the main driver for the improvements to the practice nets. An increase in size to add a third bay was also a much needed requirement.

The first step was to remove the existing framework and remove the outdated and unattractive base. 

After the framework was dismantled, the base which was constructed of rubber mats laying over concrete slabs on sharp sand had to be removed. A partial area which was also covered using another type of matting was also discarded.

A concrete area that's was laid to one side also had to be removed so the new base would be of a consistent construction.

After the area was cleared of all materials, including the sharp sand, a new edge constructed of railway sleepers was added to the existing edge to complete and increase the base size.

Following the installing of a new edge, the outside edges where filled and levelled with rootzone to give support for the filling of the base with type 1 aggregate and a crushed stone topping finish.

While the rootzone was being laid, the footing legs for the additional third bay were positioned and cemented in place.

To allow for a secure fixing of the new matting. A border inside the sleeper surround was attached 20mm beneath the sleeper top.

Having now completed the edge and additional footings, the in-filling with type 1 and crushed stone commenced.

Now the construction of a new base was complete, a new matting surface supplied by Huxley Golf was laid.

After the matting was laid the framework could again be constructed over the new base.

The old structure was 3.5m high. The new structure was reduced in height to 3m and the other dimensions remained the same as the original.

Once the framework was erected and secured in place, a new netting surround was attached.

PVC coated foam padding was attached to the lower poles and uprights for additional safety.

Once the netting and padding was in place the fitting of baffle nets fixed to tensioning wires completed the project.

New mats were also laid for use in the new nets

And finally the New Practice Nets were completed and ready for use.

Special thanks and appreciation goes to Will & Grant from Huxley Golf and Club Members Paul & Perry Hanifan for their help, guidance, and assistance before and during the construction of the New Practice Nets.


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