Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Re-Stocking (Tree & Woodland Management)

The Tree & Woodland Management program is not just about tree removal. It is a combination of various strategies to improve the course and to formulate practical locations of where trees can be a benefit to the course, while not impeding on the development of the finer turf areas.

This winter we plan to re-stock with over 30 trees in various locations to offset against some of the larger specimens removed. These are all native trees and have been selected to add a diverse and attractive appearance for both aesthetic and wildlife benefits.

33 trees have been selected and these are:

6x Betula Pendula birch

5x Carpinus Betulus hornbeam

5x Acer campestre field maple

5x sorbus aria whitebeam

3x Alnus alder

3x Prunus avium cherry

3x Fagus sylvatica

3x Quercus robur

These trees will be planted in due course

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