Thursday, 22 August 2013


Sometime during August the borehole was not supplying the irrigation with water. The Borehole was originally drilled in 1998. After investigation such as electrical tests, etc, it was identified that the borehole pump was faulty. The Borehole pump sits 80 metres deep with a 1-1/2 inch rising main.
The pump is connected to the bottom of the rising main which is in sections of 3 metre lengths. These have to be pulled up using an A-frame rig with an electric winch motor, unscrewed and removed section by section until the pump is reached.
When the pump is reached it is removed and replaced. The process then continues as each section is then reconnected and placed back down the borehole to its required depth. This is now the 4th Pump installed since the borehole was drilled in 1998.
This picture shows the actual pump (the silver section at the bottom)

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