Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dryject / Greens Maintenance

On Thursday 15th August 2013 we completed our greens maintenance using  a new process/technique known as Dryjecting. This is a relatively new concept here in the UK aimed at improving the soil profile, it has been used in the USA for many years.This process is an alternative method to aeration that utilises highly pressurised water to create fissures in the root zone. While the fissures are being created, the machine’s patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes with amendment (kiln dried sand). DryJect is thus able to create an aerated root zone without the time consuming process of traditional aeration methods (removing cores, collecting of cores, filling with sand and topdressing). The benefits of this process are: Aerate, amend and topdress all in one pass; encourage deeper root penetration and improve drainage.

The machine has to be continuously filled/topped-up with the kiln dried sand material. The holes you see on the surface do not necessarily show the full extent of the process as the sand material spreads out under the surface as shown in the diagram above, rather than remain as a single column like coring.
Three days after the process the surface was recovering quickly in comparison to other practices.

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