Thursday, 19 November 2015

Dry Rainge

As part of the long terms plans to develop the course to attract and retain members, the practice facilities have been identified as an area in particular need of investment and improvement.

Phase One of this is to install a Dry Rainge canopy on a properly constructed base, to allow practicing and teaching on the 17th even during inclement weather.

The initial start of the project was to identify a suitable location. The small woodland behind the current practice area was chosen which would require the removal of some small trees to accommodate the structure. Planning permission and approval was granted by the London Borough of Bromley to proceed.

Tree removal and digging out of tree stumps.

Getting levels on the initial base.

The Dry Rainge canopy requires points at which to anchor it to the ground. The anchor points which would eventually be filled with concrete were built using planks remaining from the lake edging carried out two years prior. The same planks were also used to build the surrounding framework of the entire base.

The finishing of the raised base was back filled with localised material on the course. Some of this was taken from the far right of the mounds in front of the 17th tee. This part of the mound was removed to allow machinery to pass down through the rough, rather than continuously drive around the corner of the mound in the left by the fairway.

Hollow-cores from the recent greens maintenance work gently mixed with some grass seed topped off the finished base.

When the base was completed it was time to have the Dry Rainge canopy erected. The canopy was erected by the company who supplied it and fitted into place with brackets anchored to points drilled into the concrete footings.

Dry Rainge Project Complete

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