Friday, 27 November 2015

Tree & Woodland Management update

This years Tree & Woodland Management has begun. While still waiting for the oak trees to start dropping  their leaves, the opportunity was taken to proceed with this years work as approved by the London Borough of Bromey. 

Work started on the 16th by the tee. 

Three dead silver birches were also removed on the perimeter under safety concerns.

Work then shifted over to the 10th tee and the veteran oak beside the White medal tee. The central stem was showing  signs of decay and as it overhung the tee, safety became an issue as well as prolonging the life of the veteran oak. 

The central stem was removed to a point of safety and just above a young limb to encourage new growth.

The next location was the 2nd tee. A second phase of tree removal to reduce shading across the tee from the south side was undertaken.

Two trees on the left of the tee in close proximity were also removed. These two trees had phototropism characteristics and would only impact on the tee in future years if they were left to increase in size.

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