Saturday, 15 February 2014

1st & 12th Tees Improvement Project Contiunued

Following the removal of the trees in between the 1st & 12th tees, we have begun the next stage of the project. All the untidy, overgrown shrubbery, brambles, etc were cleared along the rear perimeter fence. 

The remaining trees were pruned and canopies raised reducing overhang across both the tees and Barnfield Wood Road.

All remaining stumps were also removed using an excavator. So the site was completely clear for new planting.

While the excavator was in the vacinity of the tees we also excavated the ground producing what will eventually be another flowerbed.
With the perimeter fence line clear, a new Rigid Mesh fence was erected replacing the old, deteriorated chain link fence. 

Following the completion of the new fence we planted Red Robin Shrubs to add screening cover from the road and improved aesthetics to the backdrop of the two tees. 

The areas of bare soil will be seeded and the flowerbed will be planted shortly. Paul Edwards our Handyman is currently undergoing a Royal Horticulture Society 2 year College Course. Paul will be responsible for planting and maintaining the flowerbeds from here onwards, utilusing his new found skills and knowledge for the benefit of LPGC.

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