Monday, 24 February 2014

Tree Management

Many years have passed since we started managing our own trees and woodland areas in-house . Staff qualified to use chainsaws from a rope and harness have been very active over recent years. This has also benefitted the Club hugely by making considerable savings.Tree Surgeon contractors are very expensive and it would have been impossible to fund the amount of work we have completed in recent years. Sadly the management of the woodlands and trees around the course was neglected in the past as areas of trees became overcrowded, overgrown, misshapen, self seeded and growing in unsuitable areas. There is still very much to do and this work will always be necessary as trees will continue to grow and self seed. We must encourage the mature trees to flourish correctly and yet keep them clear of the fine turf areas where we can maintain a healthy and viable balance. Here is an example of some of the work we are now undertaking to encourage fresh growth and reduce the impact the shading has to the fine turf and the debris which contaminates the sand.

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