Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Suprise Suprise.... but not from rain!!!

On Monday 10th of March we were presented with a new water feature on the 3rd fairway.

The 3rd ditch that crosses the 3rd and 4th fairways burst its banks and the water found its way to the lowest point, down by the bottom of the 3rd fairway.

This was caused by a form of blockage in the culvert which takes the water from the 3rd ditch under Hawksbrook Lane, under the School field and beyond.
It took our trusted drainage contractors and their pressure hose to alleviate the problem. This culvert has been marked as a concern for some time now and efforts to establish who is responsible in the eventuality of a collapse are being investigated. Unfortunately at this time no one is willing to take any responsibility.

The Environment Agency / Local Authority (Bromley Council) / Thames Water / Highways Agency, have all distanced themselves from having any responsibility. A camera investigation has already identified dislodged pipework which is very old. How long this will remain intact is anyones guess.

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