Tuesday, 11 March 2014

TLC Around the Greens

Now conditions are finally improving and ground stability is returning; the opportunity to undertake some repairs and assist recovery of certain areas is being taken. Worn and damaged areas created from traffic and unstable ground conditions during the winter are being addressed.

 The main focus of attention is those areas around the greens and places of close proximity to the finer turf areas. These are being cleared of any loose material, spiked/aerated and then soil and seeded to a level using a tool called a true-lute.

The mild temperatures we have recently experienced have dropped off and the clear Sky's, although sunny are allowing a little freshness to creep into the air. We are due a combination of night frosts with warm days, however don't be fooled; the cold nights will keep soil temperature and growth down. These areas will therefore not germinate and recover overnight and some of the worse areas are ear-marked for turfing later in the month. Some of these areas may also need further attention at a later date, but for now, we are as usual at the mercy of the lovely British weather.

PLEASE NOTE: To help the recovery process; please keep clear and avoid any hooped-off or GUR marked areas.

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