Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tee Step Maintenance Complete

Maintenance to all steps on the course to improve the overall presentation and safety from slippery surfaces has finally been completed.

8th Tee
Our steps were covered using an astro-turf type product for the last 4-5 years. This was originally applied to remove the risks of golfers walking over potential slippery surfaces.
Initially this looked and worked very well; however over a period of time the astro-turf had become worn, torn and untidy in appearance. Any deterioration to the steps/timber also went unnoticed as it cannot be seen under the astro-turf.

10th Green
After evaluating the presentation of the steps and the on-going problems faced, including costs, it was decided to consider a change in the maintenance practice.

A product was sourced called Gripclad. For a number of years now the Golf market has recognised the long term benefit of using this product on slippery sleepers and timber steps. Many Golf Clubs around the country are now using this product.
Gripclad Cleats can be applied to Railway Sleepers, Club Entrance Steps, Trolley Ramps, Bunker Steps, Viewing Platforms, Footbridges, walkways and even on Grass Cutting Machinery footplates. The product has a diamond hard anti-slip composite surface and offers a tough, durable surface ensuring safety on the course. The expected lifespan of this product is 40 years + dependent on conditions and traffic.

The sheets are fixed to the timber using an adhesive sealant and screws

This product was applied periodically to all the steps replacing the existing astro-turf.

The 18th Tees Steps

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