Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tree Replacement / Planting

Several trees have been replaced around the course in a variety of places. Filling gaps created from fallen or removed unsafe trees. 

4 x Silver Birch
2 x Copper Beech
1 x Hornbeam

One of the Copper Beech trees was a commemorative tree donated in remembrance of former member David Roberts. This has been planted in view from the patio across to the 17th green.

Commemorative Copper Beech Tree behind the 17th Green

The other Copper Beech was planted inbetween the 14th and 15th fairways, in place of the old monolith stump that fell recently. 

14th & 15th Replacing the fallen monolith tree stump

A Silver Birch was also planted in this area in place of one that was flattened when the Monolith stump fell on it.

The Hornbeam was planted at the start of the tree line inbetween the 1st and 12th in place of a dead Hornbeam that was removed last year. 

Hornbeam 1st & 12th

The remaining Silver Birches were planted inbetween the 6th and 7th fairways, in particular replacing the gap created by the mature Silver Birch that fell during Decembers storms.

A casualty of the December Storms

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