Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Collapsed Drain

Following a period of monitoring the ditches and drains on the 11th hole it was evident that they were not performing as efficient as they should have been. We decided to use outside contractors to attend the site and carry out a CCTV inspection of the pipe that takes water from one side of the 11th fairway to the other-side, underneath the machinery path that crosses the hole. 

The inspection report identified a blockage of some kind at 24.7m from the outlet point, which gave us the exact point at which to carry out exploratory excavations, rather than guessing and potentially creating multiple excavations unnecessarily. Before we could begin we had to reduce some of the standing water to prevent our excavations getting flooded and jeopardising further blockage further up the pipe from the force of the water currently being held back.

We took this opportunity to invest in a dirty water pump rather than hiring on a ad hoc basis, or risking unavailability when required most.

Within one hour the water was at a level that allowed us to start excavations.
Excavations proved successful when we identified a collapsed drain feet from the original point marked on the report. 

As the collapsed pipe was gradually and careful exhumed the remaining water backed-up began to flow freely. Until this area fully drys out, it will remain an open excavation until at such time when we can make a suitable repair.

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